Conference Proceeding: What’s New in Award-Winning Translated Children’s Books with Jewish Content

At the 2012 AJL Conference, Annette identified and discussed children’s books with significant Jewish content among winners of the two most important U.S. awards for translated books for youth, the Mildred L. Batchelder Award and the Outstanding International Books List. In the last few years there has been increased activity in publishing and promoting translations, including the appearance of the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative (GLLI), a group of translators, librarians, teachers, etc. that provides librarians with collection development information and programming ideas for world literature. In 2018, GLLI introduced a new award, the Translated YA Book Prize - another award to check for Jewish content. With the findings from her 2012 session as a point of departure, Annette will provide an update on the children’s literature translation scene today, drawing on her dissertation research into decision making by children’s book editors in choosing books from other countries to translate into English for the U.S. market. She will identify award-winning translations with significant Jewish content published from 2013-2018 and facilitate hands-on activities for using them.