Conference Proceeding: Vilnius: In Search of Traces of the Jerusalem of Lithuania

Mr. Sapozhnikov will discuss the complexities of translating a soon to be published English translation of a book that includes 23 pedestrian routes around the city of Vilnius and its suburbs tracing the often-tragic history of local Jewish community. These challenges are comparable to many of the issues librarians face when cataloging resources in multiple languages. Some of the challenges faced in creating this translation were the multitude of sources in a variety of languages: old documents, governmental archives, photographs, advertisements, ticket stubs, lithographic prints and architectural drawings. Relatively recently declassified Soviet archive documents, as well as the sizeable portion of the book that deals with the Holocaust in excruciating detail, placed additional psychological demands and responsibility on the translator. In addition, Vilnius has undergone several political changes throughout its history which often changed the official language. In order to be useful, it was important for this volume to strictly adhere to names used by the official language at a specific time in history.

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