Conference Proceeding: German-Jewish Exiles in Los Angeles: Promoting the Legacy of Lion Feuchtwanger and Jewish Emigres at USC in the 21st Century

The Feuchtwanger Memorial Library (FML) at USC has a long history and documents the legacy of novelist Lion Feuchtwanger and other Jewish and German-speaking exiles in Los Angeles. The collection is not only heavily used by local and international researchers, but has also seen a steady increase in its use by students, thanks to newly developed instruction and outreach efforts. In the first part of the presentation, Marje Schuetze-Coburn will discuss Feuchtwanger’s path into exile, shine light on this rich archival and rare book collection and cover the fate of his three libraries, including his final library now held at USC and Villa Aurora. Schuetze-Coburn will also discuss the FML’s role to develop USC Libraries’ strong focus on Exile Studies as well as Holocaust and Genocide Studies. In the second part of the presentation, Michaela Ullmann will talk about the relevance of the collection for teaching and learning at USC. She will present case studies from a variety of classes she has worked with to document how she brings students into contact with these rich historical resources using hands-on active learning assignments and digital humanities projects. Finally, Ullmann will review a variety of outreach efforts that she and Schuetze-Coburn have conducted to actively engage USC’s students and faculty with the FML and other Exile Studies-related collections at USC.

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