Jewish Values: What the Night Sings

Place of Publication: 
New York
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271 p.
Fifteen-year-old Gerta Rausch did not know she was Jewish, until the day she was picked up by the Nazis and taken to a concentration camp. She lived in Germany with her musician father and was sheltered from the reality outside her home, spending all of her time training in viola and opera. Gerta's father reveals the truth as they are crammed into a train car. Gerta struggles to accept this news; she knows nothing of Jewish traditions and her only experience with her religion is tied up with hatred, abuse, and slaughter. Being allowed to play in orchestras keeps her alive in both Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. Although the narrative describes life before liberation, much of it focuses on the postwar experience: life in concentration camps—turned—"displaced persons camps," lingering hostility toward Jews, as well as the grueling journey many Jews made from Europe to Palestine. The illustrations are muteted in color. A 2019 Sydney Taylor Book Award Winner for Teens.
152470038X, 978-1524700386
Sydney Taylor Winner: