Conference Proceeding: Bringing Israeli Art to America: The Unique Story of Kathryn Yochelson

In the late 1940s, Kathryn Yochelson, a Jewish American student and lover of art, discovered that new Jewish art was being created in the Land of Israel. With a strengthened belief in the continuity of Jewish art from ancient times to the modern period, she set herself up to introducing Israeli art to the American public as a way to enhance connections between communities in the U.S. and the newly founded state. Yochelson lectured about Israeli art and organized exhibitions in public spaces, presenting Israel’s landscape, people and culture to the local audience. With her husband, she traveled to Israel where they befriended members of the artistic circles and began building their own collection of Israeli art. Kathryn Yochelson, in her exhibitions, lectures and art collection, provided a wide panoramic view of the developments and changes in early Israeli art and served as a vehicle for bringing Israeli culture closer to the Jewish community and the general American public.

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