Conference Proceeding: Digital Public Lab, Library and Archives Canada

Access to online content is an ever-increasing demand by researchers. This demand has benefitted libraries with significant digitized collections as they can now attract new users who previously could not have accessed the institution’s holdings. This opportunity comes with the challenge that digitization is time consuming, which creates a significant staffing expense. One way Library and Archives Canada is responding to this challenge is by offering a public digitization lab in which users may use professional quality scanners and imaging technology to digitize published and archival material held by LAC. This allows users to create digital files for their own research, with LAC keeping those digital images and making them accessible free online. The presentation will discuss this project, including the origins, challenges and technology in use. Specific digitization projects undertaken in this lab will be presented, with a focus on certain Judaica projects currently being developed. This digitization innovation has the possibility to benefit both institutions and users in a meaningful way.

Presentation Topic: