Conference Proceeding: The Main Features of the Kibbutz Passover Haggadah Collections

Amira will talk about the significance of the editing modifications that the kibbutzim that belonged to the Labor Zionist socialist movement made to the traditional version of the Passover Haggadah. She will present special and exceptional items from the kibbutz movement Haggadot collection, which includes various types of handwritten, rare and artistic Haggadot that were designed to be read in a large family-like community and used at the Passover Seder to transmit its local myth to new generations. The modifications in the style and the wording of the kibbutz Haggadah contain new interpretations of the traditional text, additions of well-known Hebrew songs, and illustrations by famous Israeli artists. The content and the design of the kibbutz Haggadot collection convey the vision of a new type of Jew living in the newly-established state. Amira believes that the process of collecting and assessing these archival artifacts sheds light on the construction of new narratives from an ancient text. She will analyze the meaning of these adaptations and discuss the way they challenged the established concept of Jewish identity.

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