Conference Proceeding: The Correspondence of Bracha Fuld (Berlin, 1926 - Tel Aviv, 1946) in the Netzorg Family Papers Collection at the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library

The goal of this presentation is to familiarize the audience with the history of Bracha Fuld (1926-1946). Bracha was born in Berlin and moved to London with her mother in 1938. In 1939, they moved to British Mandate Palestine. Although considered the first female resistance fighter killed in pre-state Israel in the struggle against the British authorities (she was a member of the Palmach), Bracha Fuld’s story remains relatively unknown to scholars as well as to the general public. She was killed on March 25, 1946 during what was later called Wingate Night - an operation designed to assist illegal Jewish immigrants to disembark on the coast of Tel Aviv. The Fuld Family correspondence is part of the Netzorg Family Papers collection housed in the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library. This presentation intends to focus on the exchange of correspondence between Bracha and her older sister Petra (unlike Bracha, Petra did not migrate to British Palestine, but to the United States). Other materials related to Bracha within the collection will also be discussed.