Conference Proceeding: Why Truth in Fiction Matters

Getting the facts right is imperative for fiction writers. Lisa believes that children’s literature has a crucial goal beyond entertainment, as certain subject matters may only be presented to a child once in their lifetime, creating a lasting impression that may or may not be accurate to history. Authors should strive to balance the fiction genre with a responsibility to educate our youth with truth, whenever possible. To delve more into this idea, the presentation will explore the following: 1) Examine challenges in writing the fictional parts of Anne Frank’s life after the annex betrayal. How were the invented points of the story incorporated? How and why were true facts woven into a fictional story? 2) Discuss Lisa’s in-progress picture book project. The story is based on the true story of Louis Armstrong’s early years and his relationship with the family of Lithuanian Jewish immigrants who hired him 3) Explore how librarians can use the Author Note at the end of a novel as a teaching tool.