Conference Proceeding: The Hebraica and Judaica Collection in Frankfurt am Main/Germany - Past, Present and Future

The Hebraica and Judaica Collection in Frankfurt am Main/Germany The University Library JCS houses the largest collection of literature on Judaism and Israel in the Federal Republic of Germany. Formed by librarian Prof. Dr. Aron Freimann (1871-1948), the collection turned into the largest Hebraica and Judaica collection of the European continent before World War II. Most parts remained unharmed during the war. In recent years the historic resources have been digitized and are freely accessible in the internet. The presentation will give an overview of the development of the collection and introduce the digitization strategy of the library. The online portal “Digital Collections Judaica” offers a wide range of Hebraica and Judaica databases, including Hebrew manuscripts and Incunabula, Yiddish prints, historic prints and sheets of music, the unique collection of newspaper clippings about the Rothschild family, the Freimann collection of books and Compact Memory with periodicals. The new “Specialised Information Service Jewish Studies” is being developed as an innovative information infrastructure, aiming to facilitating access to resources and services for the research community.