Conference Proceeding: Reference Services at Touro Lander College for Women

Fifty five of the Touro College LCW library guides content compiled by the speaker include more than just standard web directories, recommended databases and bibliographies. Power points, mikorot packets of Hebrew Rabbinic primary sources, outlines-charts-exercises, book reviews, graphs, and substantive introductions pepper and spice up the library guides and make them unique resources. As Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi says in Pirke Avot: אל תסתכל בקנקן אלא במה שיש בו יש קנקן חדש מלא ישן וישן שאפילו חדש אין בו While the library guides template container may be likened to “new wine” if you explore these guides you will find “old wine. The Library Guides composed for the LCW curriculum show the increasing Interdisciplinarity of Jewish studies. Making these guides interdisciplinary shows that librarians not only teach how to “access” knowledge [and importantly serve as “fact checkers,”] but also can take an active role in organizing, interpreting commenting upon, and creatively fostering the furtherance of interdisciplinary international research.

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