Conference Proceeding: The Mitzvah Project: The Collaborative Initiative of the AJL Librarians to Help the Vilnius Jewish Public Library with Collection Developing

The Mitzvah project commenced during the summer of 2015 at the initiative of Ms. Lynn Waghalter, a librarian from Beldon Library, San Antonio, TX. After attending a session concerning the efforts of rebuilding the Vilnius Jewish Public Library at the 50th Annual AJL Conference in Silver Spring, MD in June 2015, Lynn decided to help them with their goal. The Mitzvah project came into being. Another AJL member, Olga Potap, a librarian from Boston University, contacted Žilvinas Beliauskas, Head of the Vilnius Jewish Public Library inviting him to start this collaborative project. This paper addresses the issue of how the private collaborative initiative can be transformed to a full-scale international project. We hope that the Mitzvah project will attract interest from other AJL members.