Conference Proceeding: The “Schocken-Bücherei” in the Collections of the Leo Baeck Institute New York

The Schocken-Bücherei was one of the signature publications of the Schocken Verlag during the Third Reich - a high quality book series published in 92 counted volumes between 1933 and 1939 with a representative selection of literary texts by mainly Jewish and a few non-Jewish authors. The Schocken-Bücherei became a strong symbol for finding a cultural Jewish expression as well as spiritual and moral resistance in a time of peril and persecution. The presentation focuses on observations and reflections about the Schocken-Bücherei in estates and bequests from book collections of German-speaking Jewish emigrants to the Leo Baeck Institute New York. This material culture study joins the growing awareness among digital collections, repositories, collectors, and the scholarly community about the importance of individual books as objects which tell unique stories parallel to the life stories of their owners, often intertwined with the content of the books.

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