Conference Proceeding: Bringing a Jewish Community to Light Through Oral History: A Librarian-Archivist Collaboration

The first scholarly article on the Jewish community of Staten Island, NY was based largely on an oral history collection maintained by the Archives and Special Collections in the Library of the College of Staten Island (CSI), CUNY. The recent publication was written by a CSI Librarian who worked closely with the archivist on this research project that was many years in the making. The librarian will discuss her collaboration with the archivist, which included securing funding to digitize the original cassette tapes. The digitization initiative not only preserved the archival materials and made them more accessible, but proved to be instrumental for the author to complete her study. The author-librarian will review the process of using the oral history collection to shed light on a community that had never received academic treatment and will address how this hidden collection was made discoverable to researchers.

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