Conference Proceeding: The Process of Achieving Library Accreditation: Receiving Credit for Excellence

Receiving library accreditation marks a library as having achieved a high professional standard in librarianship, resources, programs and e-resources. How does a library achieve accreditation? What are the standards of requirement? Is there guidance during the process? How can the librarian make the library more relevant in the eyes of the parent organization? Is it possible to take a fresh look at the library’s policies and procedures to meet the changing needs of the 21st century? What is required to meet the standards of Basic Accreditation? What is required to meet the standards of Advanced Accreditation? These are some of the issues that will be discussed with a panel representing the AJL Accreditation Committee, a librarian who guided her library to Basic Accreditation, and a librarian who achieved Advanced Accreditation for her library. They will share their experiences and offer tips on the process. A Q & A will follow each presentation.

Presentation Topic: