Conference Proceeding: Updates from the National Library of Israel

In the first part of the presentation, Sylviane will outline the history, developments and changes of RAMBI in its 50 years of existence. RAMBI is a multilingual bibliography of academic articles in all fields of Judaica, the history of Eretz Israel, including the archaeology of the whole area, and the history of the State of Israel, its economy, society, the conflict and more. It is not computer generated. Instead, it is compiled by a professional staff that reads the articles and assigns subjects on the basis of topics and not words used. At the beginning, RAMBI appeared each year in book form, but now it is an online resource that is available free of charge to anyone. Sylviane will present not only the history of the database, but also ideas and plans for its future and suggestions on how it can be used best. In the second part of her talk, Sylviane will discuss some of last year's highlights at the National Library of Israel including acquisitions, events and new programs.