Conference Proceeding: Hebraica Cataloging and Catalogers in North America: Today and Tomorrow

The past 15 years have been a period of change not only for Hebraica catalogers, but also for the larger community of catalogers of which we are a part. Today our colleagues are learning about and exploring new data models for expressing bibliographic description; most likely at least one of these will replace the MARC21 system of encoding bibliographic data. Resource Description and Access (RDA) has largely taken over Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (2nd ed., 1988 revision) as a cataloging standard. Digital collections which require description and access are expanding within our libraries. Questions are being asked as to whether cataloging, metadata creation and remediation are the same things or not. This presentation will provide the results of a survey sent out earlier the year and give some questions for us to think about on what are the future roles and workflows for Hebraica catalogers.