Conference Proceeding: Treasures of the JDC Archives and Resources for Librarians

The JDC Archives is an unparalleled repository of modern Jewish history. Its vast holdings document JDC’s global humanitarian mission, activities, and partnerships from World War I to the present. Its Archives are considered “one of the most significant collections in the world for the study of modern Jewish history” (Long Island University Professor Mimi Bowling, consultant, 2006) and indeed for the history of American humanitarian involvement.
This presentation will provide an overview of the JDC Archives, and a taste of its treasures. The focus will be on material of interest to Judaica librarians including:
--Digital collections available online for scholars and researchers
--How to access our Photo Collection Online
--Resources of interest to genealogists and family historians
--Education resources available online such Topic Guides on The Story of the St. Louis, JDC
and the US War Refugee Board, Refuge in Shanghai, etc.