Conference Proceeding: Israel and Anti-Semitism

Criticism of Israel need not stem from anti-Semitism nor is one tantamount to the other; nonetheless a growing share is in fact laced with anti-Semitism. One reason is that relentless extreme and unbalanced criticism of Israel has created a hothouse atmosphere in which anti-Semitism is metastasizing. The United Nations General Assembly, for example, has condemned Israel three times more than all other nations combined. British teacher unions have voted academic boycotts of Israeli universities but not those in countries where there is neither academic freedom nor independent labor unions. American church denominations have divested from Israeli companies but not those of countries which allow no freedom of religion and persecute Christians. With the 2014 war in Gaza, Turkey’s President Erdogan accused Israel of “barbarism that surpasses Hitler.” If that is so, then Hitler was the lesser evil. Had he only finished the job the world would have been spared something worse. The logic is plain. If the Jewish state is so evil, can the Jewish people be innocent?

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