This session will focus on creating fiscal stability for our libraries. Annual giving, planned giving, and capital campaigns are components of funding plans. But how do they work? Is each mutually exclusive of the others? Does emphasizing one mean you diminish the potential of the others? We don’t have a development staff, how can we raise money and still do our jobs? Annual gifts are the lifeblood of an operating budget. What are the components of an annual appeal? Do I need training in financial planning to build an endowment? Why should we bother with planned giving when we need money now? Will a capital campaign detract from our other solicitations? The above questions and many others will be addressed. Sponsorships, partnerships, direct mail, managing a donor database, and donor recognition are important aspects of successful fundraising. What role does the board of directors have in meeting our goals? This session will help you create an annual approach and plan to raising operating funds, as well as longer term goals to building funding stability for years to come.