Conference Proceeding: The Past and Future of American Jewish Bible Translation and Commentary

Advances in scholarship and the digital revolution are shaping the translation, commentary and presentation of Judaism’s sacred texts, including the Bible, in dramatic new ways. This session outlines the history of American Jewish Bible translation and commentary and discusses the challenges with this enterprise in the coming decades. The session will be organized as follows:
I. A brief introductory word on the place of the TANAKH and the history of Hebrew Bible translation and commentary through the ages.
II. The translation of the Bible in America from Isaac Leeser to the Jewish Publication Society and contemporary efforts by Alter, Fox, Artscroll, Koren, and others.
III. The commentary of the Bible in America by JPS, the Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox movements, and the Jewish Study Bible (Oxford).
IV. What’s next in Bible translation and commentary?
V. The quest for a fully integrated digital TANAKH: promises and challenges.

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