Conference Proceeding: Keeping My Hope

Christopher Huh started writing Keeping My Hope when he was 13, after learning about the Holocaust in his middle school. Created entirely with just paper and pencil, it took him about 1½ years to complete the book. To write Keeping My Hope, Christopher spent over a thousand hours conducting research on the subject. When the book was published in February 2013, Christopher was 14, and an 8th grade honor student attending public school in Montgomery County, Maryland. Keeping My Hope is a 169 page historical fiction graphic novel. Ari is a teenager whose entire life is turned upside down by the horrors of the Holocaust. He and his family are torn apart and moved to Auschwitz, where the reader gains an inside look at what prisoners in concentration camps suffered. However, even with these atrocities, the power of friendship shines through and gives Ari hope to keep surviving through the darkest blizzards of terror. Informative yet touching, Keeping My Hope spreads the message of how powerfully racism and prejudice can affect those around us.