Conference Proceeding: Surviving the Holocaust in the Soviet Union

Dr. Brysk will describe her family's life in the Lida Ghetto in Belarus and how they narrowly escaped death by an Einsatzgruppe because the Germans needed her father, a surgeon, to operate on wounded German soldiers. In late 1942, when she was nearly 8, Jewish Partisans rescued her family from the ghetto and brought them to the Lipiczany forest where she became a Partisan. In order to protect her from rape by Russian partisans, she was dressed like a boy and given a gun of her own. After liberation, to escape the Soviet authorities' travel bans, she escaped to Poland and started her trek through Central Europe as homeless refugees until her arrival in America. After retirement, Miriam became a noted artist. Her memoir, Amidst the Shadows of Trees, was published by Gihon River Press in 2013.