Conference Proceeding: Halakha and Netiquette

What does the Jewish tradition have to share with regards to questions concerning netiquette and online ethics? What is the relationship between the internet and civility? Has incivility in America increased due to social media and what are its effects on democratic public discourse? How can we measure the effects of online incivility by objective scientific criteria? Does online anonymity encourage harassment of women or does online anonymity protect marginalized groups? Why is cyberbullying a serious problem from the standpoint of Jewish ethics? How do we attempt to curb the epidemic of cyberbulling amongst students? How can schools and teachers take action to combat cyberbullying? What are the etiquette and ethics of social media? Does facebook immorally lead to exploiting its users? What does Jewish law have to say about (1) responsible use of the internet? (2) causing harm psychologically of persons by "meanspeak", (3) embarassing person in public via the internet, (4) causing harm to individuals whereby a loshon ha-rah on the internet can kill a reputation or career opportunity or shidduch as per the criteria specified by the Chofetz Chaim's laws of considering one's words that can be used as a sword to harm or used to promote life, happiness, health, and constructive good?