Conference Proceeding: An All School Read

Rockwern Academy’s All-School-Read programs began with a seed that grew into a huge tree branching in many directions. Julia Weinstein, the school librarian at Cincinnati’s Jewish day school, and Language Arts teacher Elaine Kaplan were discussing Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea. Then Ms. Weinstein learned the book had both a young adult version and a picture book companion, Listen to the Wind. The two considered the possibility of sharing the book and its messages of tolerance and education with the entire school, from Pre-K to 8th grade, across all disciplines, from Language Arts to Music to Art to Judaic Studies. The two developed a program for the book to serve as the basis of a community outreach program. After four years, the All-School-Read has become a Rockwern institution, integrated into every classroom across many subjects, unifying the school around an innovative reading program and providing a unique opportunity for Day School students to meet and learn with students from a variety of backgrounds.