Conference Proceeding: Between Being-Wise and Not-Knowing-What-To-Ask: Jewish Librarianship and Digital Humanities

There are numerous definitions of Digital Humanities, most of which tend toward an incorporation of digital technology and innovative research questions in the humanities. The applicability of such a definition to the field of libraries is problematic to say the least. Libraries typically provide access to the results of research and do not produce new knowledge per se. Still the potential for present and future users of libraries of an integration of the results of Digital Humanities research, such as harvesting certain data from enormous data sets, analyzing digital repositories of pictorial material, or creating new digital environments for research is enormous. This plenary lecture will present DH-initiatives that are carried out in the field of Jewish studies and are relevant to Jewish librarianship. It will also present the latest global trends in Jewish library digitization and it aims at being "practical", by also addressing the four questions implied in its title: what is wise, what is wicked, what is going on, and how to begin? It will also try to provoke discussion by formulating a number of clear, most likely too clear, recommendations for libraries struggling with digitization and the integration of digital humanities research.