Conference Proceeding: Uncovering the History of the Cairo Genizah Manuscript Collections - The Story So Far

This paper focuses on the ongoing research being carried out by Rebecca Jefferson on the history of the Cairo Genizah manuscript collections. Since 2008, Jefferson has been examining letters and documents held in various libraries around the world to uncover the story behind the discovery of the Cairo Genizah. These archives have revealed fascinating tidbits about the main protagonists, Solomon Schechter, Elkan Nathan Adler and Adolf Neubauer, as well as the back story of a shadowy nobleman, Count Riamo d'Hulst. Jefferson will outline the discoveries so far, providing examples from previously unseen letters, and she will discuss the challenges of this research and the problems ahead. The recording starts with the session already in progress.

Presented by Rebecca Jefferson at the 2013 AJL Conference in Houston, TX.