Conference Proceeding: Little Shul in the Woods: Creating Something from Nothing

In 1982, after moving to a planned community thirty miles north of Houston, Dede Fox Ducharme and her family joined a small congregation that met with visiting rabbis in various locations. As Beth Shalom of The Woodlands grew into a synagogue with 170 families, a rabbi and a building, many families expressed the need for a synagogue library. What began as a couple of boxes of donated books and a pile of index cards eventually grew into a meticulously designed, automated library with 2,000 cataloged books, a children's area, a small bank of computers, a display case, and a Torah study table. Follow Dede's journey from parent, religious school teacher, and board representative to synagogue librarian as, little by little, she and her spiritual community built something from nothing.

Presented by Dede Fox Ducharme at the 2013 AJL Conference in Houston, TX.