Jewish Values: Code Name Verity

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343 p.
Themes of friendship, loyalty, bravery, feminism and espionage prevail throughout Code Name Verity. The story begins in 1938 with the writings of code name “Verity,” a female, British prisoner in the Ormaie, France Gestapo Headquarters. She is a Special Operations Executive, a spy, for the British Army due to her bravery and her being tri-lingual. Between episodes of tortured inquisitions, she tells of her brutal treatment by the guards and recounts her friendship with Maddie Brodatt, a Scottish pilot for the British Air Transport Auxiliary who happens to be a Jewish, young woman. Even when Verity is starved and beaten, her writings convey her sense of humor. She never shows self-pity or regret for fighting the Nazi army. Even the head of the prison, SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Amadeus von Linden, is charmed by Verity’s spirit and intelligence. She was found by the Gestapo with Maddie’s identification papers on her person, so they think Verity is Maddie Brodatt the pilot.
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