Jewish Values: Hammerin’ Hank Greenberg: Baseball Pioneer

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135 p.
A strong biography told in the context of American history and culture. The story of the man and his game unfold, embedded in the arc of twentieth-century America before civil rights and multicultural values became norms. Economic depression and war time are major factors in the baseball season. Greenberg’s status arcs from Jewish star to American super star while he changes from wishing to be a great ballplayer to being a great Jewish ballplayer. Anti-Semitic remarks disturb his peace of mind, but not his determination to play as a Jew; he is famous for not playing on Yom Kippur during the cliffhanger American League pennant race. Greenberg retires as a player, becomes an administrator and part owner; his family influences his work. Greenberg’s quotes give every chapter immediacy and warmth; nostalgic black and white photographs reveal ordinary folks, national superstars, and political demons in their midcentury youth.
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