Jewish Values: Music was IT: Young Leonard Bernstein

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178 p.
A biography covers Leonard Bernstein’s life and his passion for music from the time he was a child growing up in Boston, through his brilliant conducting debut at age 25 with the New York Philharmonic in 1943 at Carnegie Hall. As all the famous conductors of classical music at that time were older and European, “Lenny,” being American, young and Jewish, created a tremendous sensation when he stepped in at the last minute to substitute for a conductor who had become ill. Lenny realized from a young age that “music was IT;” that music was what his life was going to be about. Rubin’s lively writing captures Bernstein’s larger-than life personality and transmits the great joy he found in music throughout his life. Engaging black and white photographs combine with the text to highlight his tremendous contributions to the music world through conducting, composing, and writing classical music, as well as composing for musical theater such groundbreaking masterpieces as West Side Story. As a teacher he communicated the joy he felt about music through his innovative televised lectures, the Young People’s Concerts. These are now available on DVD so that new generations may learn from them. Rubin writes that that Leonard Bernstein felt that life without music was unthinkable. He was one of the most recorded conductors in history, and the book is organized with a discography of selected performances, a timeline, an extensive bibliography, quotation sources, and brief biographical sketches of important people in Bernstein’s life.
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