Jewish Values: Simon's Escape: A Story of the Holocaust

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Simon, a boy from an assimilated Jewish family, is sent with them to the Warsaw Ghetto. After he loses his family, he is sent by Mordechai Anielewicz to a righteous gentile woman who sends him to the country. Simon’s adventures are not over. He narrowly escapes being captured by the Gestapo and by Poles. He learns to live off the land and receives kindness from some Polish farmers until hiding him endangers them. He eventually meets other Jewish people hiding in the forest, including a friend from the ghetto. At the end, a Russian officer saves them both. Pryor proves to be knowledgeable about the subject matter through her descriptions of life in Warsaw before the Holocaust and the deplorable conditions in the Warsaw ghetto. The end of the book features historical notes about the Warsaw Ghetto, resistance fighters, and the Holocaust.
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