Jewish Values: Escape - Teens on the Run: Primary Sources from the Holocaust

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128 p.
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum archives of survivor testimony, as well as archival photographs, provide the bulk of the information in this series called True Stories of Teens in the Holocaust. Each book averages seven chapters and includes a concise index, excellent internet resources, a list for further reading which includes books about the reading level of the text, a short glossary, and a timeline of events pertinent to the subject of the book. The chapter notes are also at the end of the book. Generally, this is a solid series with a lot of eyewitness accounts, so there are less concrete facts and more personal perspectives than other historical series. In this book, teens from Czechoslovakia, Poland and Lithuania describe how they fled, and the book includes information about the Kindertransport and the St. Louis. Most attributed their survival to luck and quick decisions. Some of the stories appear in other volumes, and the text fails to mention that those who wanted to leave Germany would have to abandon all their assets, or that Sugihara was punished by the Japanese government for his role in helping Jews escape Lithuania.
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