Jewish Values: Benny, the Big Shot

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25 p.
Written in rhyme, this story is about kinah (jealously). Tzvi is jealous of Benny, a new boy in school who is very bright and able to answer all the Rebbi’s questions on the parshah correctly. One day the Rebbi announces that the boy who gets the highest score on the chumash test will win two free tickets to the best amusement park. Tzvi studies Rashi with all of his might, but to his dismay, Benny wins the contest. Tzvi is upset and jealous,until Benny offers to take him along to the amusement park. Then Tzvi realizes that each boy is special and has his own talent. The story, appropriate for ages 5-8 is predictable. The brightly colored illustrations enhance the text and provide the setting - a religious boys’ classroom. The children pictured wear black kipot and tsitsit. Although a glossary is included, the story is recommended for libraries whose patrons are familiar with the Hebrew words.
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