Jewish Values: Baxter: The Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher

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32 p.
In this charming picture book, Baxter, a pig, learns the difference between being dinner and being a dinner guest. One of several Jewish people he meets at a bus stop tells him that he can’t be part of Shabbat dinner because he isn’t kosher. Yet earlier at this same bus stop, Baxter has heard about Shabbat and wants to see the “candles gleam and glow and dance while our sweetest voices life in song” so he tries to become kosher by pigging out on pickles and challah. When that doesn’t work, he “acquired a handy set of horns” and “cultivate(d) a taste for clover” in hopes of becoming a cow. Still no luck! Returning to the oracular bus-stop, he is approached by a kindly rabbi who explains that while a pig can never be kosher to eat, he doesn’t have to be kosher to be a guest because it’s a mitzvah to welcome strangers. So Baxter after all his efforts gets to enjoy the candles, the singing, and especially the food! The comical illustrations that accompany this lively and off-beat story are a combination of cartoon drawings and digitally enhanced photographs of Jewish food and symbols.
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