Jewish Values: Hanukkah Trike, The

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Gabi Greenberg enjoys the holiday of Hanukkah: lighting the menorah, eating delicious latkes and playing the dreidel game. She is overjoyed to receive a new tricycle, which she names Hanukkah. When she falls off as she is learning to ride, she hurts her hand and knees. Her mother kisses her "owies" better, and then together they clean off her trike, like the Maccabees cleaned up the Temple. Gabi gathers her courage to try again, and this time successfully learns to ride, being brave like the Maccabees were in the Hanukkah story. Michelle Edwards won the Jewish Book Award for her first picture book, the wonderful Chicken Man, and, as in that title, makes her point without being too didactic. This brief picture book provides young children with an explanation of the story of Hanukkah and its customs appropriate for their age, at a level they can understand. Kathryn Mitter, illustrator of First Rain (Albert Whitman, 2010), has painted cheerful, brightly colored full-page illustrations that warmly portray the happy family and work well with the simple text.
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