Jewish Values: Miriam in the Desert

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32 p.
A legend from the Bible comes to life in Jacqueline Jules’ lovely tale of Miriam, sister of Moses and wise woman of her people. Miriam is the loving grandmother of the boy, Bezalel, who tells the story. As the Israelites trek (and complain) through the wilderness, Bezalel draws pictures in the sand illustrating miracles such as manna and Miriam’s well. At the climax of the story, Bezalel’s great-uncle, Moses, climbs the mountain to receive God’s laws. Where will these Ten Commandments be kept? In a place that is “safe and beautiful”. Bezalel has been chosen to craft this Holy Ark. In poetic and evocative language, Jules retells this legend about Miriam and Bezalel in order to deepen our understanding of their personalities. Young children will be eager to join in the refrain: “Miracles, miracles / praise God’s might! / We see miracles / day and night.” In the author’s note, Jules cites many sources she used, including books by Steinsaltz, Telushkin, Frankel, and Ginzberg. Natascia Ugliano’s bright illustrations in pencil and pastels complement the story and give movement and expression to the Israelites.
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