Jewish Values: An Unspeakable Crime: The Prosecution and Persecution of Leo Frank

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152 p.
The tragic story of Leo Frank’s wrongful conviction and execution for the murder of Mary Phagan is presented for young adults in this clearly-written, nicely-compiled volume. Alphin holds the reader’s attention with an exciting story, while avoiding sensationalism. Photographs and reproductions of newspapers draw the reader further into the time and events, and prevent this from feeling like a textbook. Presented chronologically, the book opens with Mary Phagan’s activities the day she died, and concludes with information about the last eyewitness’s full explanation of what he saw, as published in a Nashville newspaper in 1982, as well as Frank’s posthumous pardon in 1986. Additional material, including a list of major figures in the case, a timeline, a glossary of legal terminology, a bibliography, and source notes enhance the value of this important volume.
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