Jewish Values: New Year at the Pier

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The Rosh Hashanah ceremony of tashlich—the symbolic casting away of sins into water—is the subject of a picture book that blends information about Rosh Hashanah into a story of family and friendship. A little boy named Izzy is the main character and as he atones for the mistakes he made in the past year, apologizing first at home and school, then at Rosh Hashanah services, and finally with all of the congregation as they gather at an ocean pier to throw crumbs into the water, the meaning of tashlich is amplified. A child’s perspective on atonement and repentance, expressed in meaningful and childlike ways, is sustained throughout a narrative that emphasizes both personal and communal atonement. Stephane Jorisch’s illustrations, with shades of watery blue predominating in the muted color palette, are an outstanding complement to the story.
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