Jewish Values: Noah's Bark

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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32 p.
Krensky adds an original and humorous twist to yet another picture book about Noah’s ark. The animals are making so much racket that Noah is having trouble concentrating on building the ark, so he barks at them to be quiet. Children will laugh at the comical illustrations and the mixed-up sounds the animals are making: the elephant is hissing, kangaroos are roaring, snakes are quacking, penguins are meowing, the lion is hooting. When the rain starts and Noah is able to get some of the animals into the ark, he comes up with a solution. He uses a turkey feather to write a list of all the possible animals sounds he has ever heard, has the toucan cut it into pieces which he puts into the kangaroo’s pouch, and lets each animal choose one. Now the animals can use their own sounds to work together cooperatively with Noah. As they leave the ark after the flood is over, they thank him for saving them and for their unique sounds. The best part of Noah’s Bark is Roge`’s boisterous illustrations.
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