Jewish Values: Kings and Carpenters: One Hundred Bible Land Jobs You Might Have Praised or Panned

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96 p.
What jobs did people do in ancient times? Many occupations depended on where they lived, what their families did, and who was in charge of the area. Eleven chapters divide the jobs into categories that include farming jobs, city jobs, at-sea jobs, religious jobs, and military jobs. The reader will learn about different natural resources, animals common to the area, and which goods and services were of importance for commerce and day-to-day living. Ancillary information includes biblical quotes, descriptions of some of the archaeological finds in the area, and the answer to what people did before there was indoor plumbing. Cute illustrations accompany the detailed descriptions, and there is good index and recommendations for further reading. Similar to Broida's The Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors and Sherman's Your Travel Guide to Ancient Israel, with the Broida book being the best.
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