Jewish Values: Let's Go to the Farm

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32 p.
A visit to a farm, as enjoyed by a brother and sister and seen through an Orthodox lens, is the subject of this newest book in the Toddler Experience Series. The cheerful, round faced preschoolers who have captivated readers in the past with accounts of their first wedding, their trip to the doctor, visiting friends, a shopping excursion, their first day at school, and going to shul have a very full day at the farm. They notice the animals large and small that Hashem has made, get a milking lesson, gather eggs, observe how animals take care of their young, wash their hands and say a brocha before a picnic lunch, and end their stay by picking vegetables and thanking the farmer for inviting them. Written in short rhyming sentences, it artfully combines the exuberance of two very well behaved little children with their reverence toward God and God’s gifts. Benenfeld’s illustrations are as simple and unpretentious as her writing and their page placement, with ample white space and spare lines of text, makes for both informative and comfortable reading.
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