Jewish Values: Dear Tree: A Tu B'Shvat Wish

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30 p.
A little boy sits outside on the synagogue steps in winter, thinking about the tree that grows nearby. He wishes it many good things: a year filled with sunlight, beautiful blossoms,and strength to stand for many years to come. Thanking Hashem for the gift of this tree and all the others in the world, he promises to care for it and guard it and ends by wishing the tree “Happy New Year.” Attractive color illustrations complement the story by showing the tree close up through all seasons of the year. In some of the pictures birds build nests in it, in others the boy swings from it, and in others it is decorated first with pink blossoms and then with small red fruit. A note in the front of the book explains that the tree depicted is a variety of crabapple tree. A longer note following the story gracefully explains the holiday of Tu B’Shevat and how it can inspire us to remain strong in our Jewish faith and in doing good deeds. Simple and sincere, the story gives readers an excellent introduction to Tu B’Shevat.
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