Jewish Values: Rabbi Rocketpower and the Half-Baked Matzah Mystery: A Particularly Peculiar Passover

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96 p.
In the exceedingly strange and goofy world of Rabbi Rocketpower, something as benign as matzah can turn sinister and take the shape of a mouse, a race car and even a flying pyramid. But that’s only the tip of the afikoman in Rabbi Susan Abramson’s Rabbi Rocketpower and the Half-Baked Matzah Mystery: A Particularly Peculiar Passover, her third in a series of early-reader books about the off-the-wall adventures of the Mensch family. The Mensch’s Passover celebration -- and the fate of the Jewish people, no less -- are imperiled when a misguided matzah, cursed by an ancient pharaoh, runs amok. Along the way, readers are treated to the relentless malapropisms of Purr, the family cat; a seder-plateful of gentle, cornball humor; and, as usual, Rabbi Rocketpower (the family matriarch and airborne superhero) saving the day. Wrapped in this silly package are the story of Passover, explanations of the holiday’s symbols, and a message about the tenuous nature of freedom. The book is illustrated with simple line drawings and features two comic-strip-style passages which further explain the bizarre plot. For librarians wishing to add a dash of craziness to their more conventional collection of Passover fare for children, this may fit the bill. Certainly, children weaned on the antics of Spongebob and Captain Underpants (an obvious influence on the book’s appearance, tone and alliterative title) will appreciate your choice. The book includes recipes and a glossary of Passover terms.
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