Jewish Values: Stingy Buzi and King Solomon

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80 p.
Based on a 1972 Yiddish book, which, in turn, was based on legends and folktales about King Solomon, this comic book (not a graphic novel) is a cartoon story with Hebrew-lettered Yiddish in the bubbles, and the same text below in both English and transliterated Yiddish. Buzi is a mean, greedy guy who abuses his servants. King Solomon invites him to the palace; tempting him with food but not letting him eat, King Solomon teaches Buzi “how it feels to be hungry” and Buzi realizes that his “whole life has been lived in error.” The Yiddish alphabet, a literal translation, and the story in Yiddish without illustrations are also included. Although the story line is thin, the translated text is lively, and the old-fashioned color illustrations are adequate. Most Jewish children are not learning Yiddish these days, but a school or synagogue could well use this book as the basis for a charming children’s play in English.
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