Jewish Values: Arab-Israeli Conflict, The: The 1948 War

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An expert on the Middle Est gives relevant facts, analysis, and context about the war between the Arabs and the Jews of Western Palestine in 1948, culminating in the armistice agreements of 1949 between the new state of Israel and its neighbors. Karsh calls this “the Palestine War” of 1948, and his book will be a valuable resource for high school and college students wanting to understand the tumultuous events of that year and their effects on subsequent history of the region. Nearly half is a military history, detailing the strategies, advantages and disadvantages of each side, and then relating the battlefield course of the war. Of more general interest are the first and last chapters, titled respectively “Background to War: the Burden of History,” and “Conclusion and Consequences: Perpetuating the Arab-Israeli Conflict.” In these fifteen pages or so, a reader will learn facts that are rarely encountered in series books on the subject. Part of Rosen's Essential Histories: War and Conflict in Modern Times.
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