Jewish Values: Into the Fire

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262 p.
A historical novel about two young Jewish boys during World War I. The specific period is July 1916 to September 1917 in London, England and Salonika, Greece. Daniel Sheinfeld and eleven of his Jewish friends from London’s East End enlisted together, as Orthodox Jews, in the British Army. At the same time, in Salonika, Greece, the eleven year old orphan, Gavriel Florentin, was put into The Allatini Orphanage for Jewish Boys. He was to wait there until he could secure passage to England where he was to join his aunt and uncle. The plot is engrossing and shifts from London to Salonika, from the Western front to the Eastern front. Of particular interest is the researched information about the frum (observant) Jewish soldiers who participated in WWI, their condition, and those who helped them. The book includes a useful glossary of terms in Ladino, Yiddish, and Hebrew and an Author’s Note that provides interesting historical facts.
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