Jewish Values: Freak III, The: Far

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152 p.
The third book in the author’s “The Freak” series brings 15-year-old psychic Jade on vacation with her family in southern California. While there, Jade is tested by the staff of a local university with a department in “anomalous knowing,” i.e., psychic studies, to determine the power and range of her ability to hear things, see things, and know things, as well as to read others’ thoughts and see the future, albeit unclearly. Jade wants to understand her powers better: Do her messages come from G-d? If she can predict the future, what becomes of free will? Can unseen things be real? Even though it raises religious questions such as these, this face-paced, readable, suspenseful story has minimal Jewish content. Its strengths lie in Jade’s believable character, the scary predicament with a dangerous university student, her relationships with her high school friends and boyfriend, her kind and supportive family, and the central role of social networking in teenage life.
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