Jewish Values: Shining Star

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240 p.
Constantly feeling overshadowed by her brothers and sister, Adina Weiss decides - after hearing a cousin refer to her as a “sweetie” with no special talents - to devote herself to finding a way to shine. She confides in her cousin, Dassy, and the two girls embark on a chesed project to visit a younger student, Gili, afflicted with a heart condition in the hospital. Tentative at first, Adina soon becomes attached to Gili and is inspired by her courage. This friendship, combined with other experiences such as competing in a Brachos Bee and studying about great Jewish women, allows Adina to realize that the special qualities she already has make her a star. Chani Altein’s novel is a warm and engaging depiction of an American Orthodox community. Readers unfamiliar with the Orthodox community are aided by a glossary that defines all Hebrew and Yiddish terms.
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