Jewish Values: In Defiance of Hitler: The Secret Mission of Varian Fry

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196 p.
In 1940, after the Nazis had over-run France, the Emergency Rescue Committee was formed by Americans wishing to save European intellectuals and others. They recruited Varian Fry to go to France and work on two levels. The first was to operate within the law and provide documents for refugees who wanted to emigrate. In this role he helped hundreds of people, including Nobel-winning Chemist Otto Meyerhof, pianist Wanda Landowska, and writer Thomas Mann move to the United States. His second responsibility was to smuggle Jews and others who could not acquire visas across the border into Spain, and ultimately to Portugal. This secret mission saved dozens of Jews, including artists Jacques Lipchitz, Max Ernst and Marc Chagall, and some of their artwork as well. Fry worked with a small band of dedicated associates for over a year, providing shelter, documents, and funding for over a thousand people on their way out of Nazi Europe. Like the brave deeds of Sugihara and Schindler, Fry’s accomplishments deserve recognition. A rather unlikely hero, Fry's strengths and foibles are explored in this fascinating Holocaust biography.
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